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The scope of this project was to take a social issue and design a clock face that is an abstract representation of that issue. This clock reflects the animal rights issue of housing Dolphins in the desert.


Dolphins in captivity have become a growing topic of international debate. With the opening of Dolphinaris in Scottsdale, Arizona has taken a huge step backwards in regards to animal rights. Not only that, but our climate is hot, dusty and unsuitable for these marine mammals who are acclimated to thrive in 75 – 80 degree weather year round in an endless ocean.


The clock face showcases the fin of a dolphin on the backdrop of a dry cracked desert. The hand of the clock reads “SPF 30”, another reference to Arizona’s hot, dry weather. For the packaging, I wanted to emphasize the reality of what these dolphins who are put in captivity face. The netting is a very direct representation of their capture from the wild.

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